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Mac or PC?

I work with both Apple Mac and Windows PC.
Switching between the two is no problem.

Graphic Design

Whether it’s flat or textured graphics, vector or raster images, logo design or a full re-brand, I have the tools and the skill to create beautiful visuals for your digital or print needs.

Concepts usually begin with physical illustrations, notes and models and quickly move into the digital domain; using Adobe Creative Cloud, graphics tablets and high performance computers.



Colour schemes, font pairing, photo editing, flat graphics, textures and everything you will need to promote your brand.


Let's represent your business clearly and make it memorable. I can assist with core messaging and create a cohesive, confidence-building brand.

Logo Design

Whether it's a redesign or a new concept, I can design a logo that will infuse identity into your brand. Simple or complex, for screens and for print.


Subtle animation of web page elements can bring a level of sophistication to your site, and deliver content to your audience that sets the tone of your message.

In addition, I can generate specific video content for full-screen splash pages and info-graphics. Why not introduce your brand with an impressive logo animation? Should you require a more traditional aesthetic, I can offer stop-motion animation services, using DSLR photography and industry standard Dragonframe software.


I'll bring your graphics to life with smooth, subtle animations. I can offer full-screen video animations, info-graphics and stop-motion animation.


Grab the attention of your audience. Tell your story through image and text animation that builds into a complete picture.


Ease the viewer into your message, delivering information clearly and at a pace that makes your customers connect with your brand.

Web Design

Using powerful hardware, multiple device platforms, and industry-leading software, I can quickly generate creative content that will represent and communicate your business goals online.

The process begins with a full enquiry into the needs and aims of your website. Proper scoping of the project, regardless of size, always saves time and overall costs, whilst ensuring clear and concise communication.

Web Sites

I can take your business to a new level of professional standing with a beautiful online presence that's easy to navigate.


Search Engine Optimisation is built into how I design web sites, using keywords, key phrases and meta-tagging.

UX and UI

Well versed in ethnographic research, I can tune and tailor your website to suit your particular audience.

3D Modelling

Taking designs into 3D can bring a whole new dimension to your branding and product experience. Whether it be small promotional items to support your business identity or a full product development.

3D design software used in concert with modern, reliable stereo-lithography processes can provide fast, effective results. My engineering experience allows me to design in 3D, prepare files for rapid prototyping and advise on finishing and part delivery.

stephen-williams-brighton-web-graphic-design stephen-williams-brighton-web-graphic-design

3D Rendering

Realise your ideas in 3D by employing my modelling software skills to produce photo-realistic concept renderings.

Technical Drawing

To take designs from concept to build stage, I can produce full technical drawings for manufacture and assembly.

3D Printing

Rapid prototyping can accelerate product development. I can prepare files for 3D printing and support the entire processes.


Give your business a positive outlook and inject personality into every aspect of how you are represented visually and online.


Feel in safe hands with regular updates and clear communication. I can provide the support and advice needed to make the right design decisions.


Build a solid relationship with a designer you can count on to deliver beyond your expectations. Have confidence in a 10 year proven track record.